Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Conventions of a documentary.

  • Interviews with the subject. Steady camera work in a relaxed environment.

  • Interviews with friends, colleagues and relations of the subject in relaxed or controlled environment.

  • clips of subject during day to day life, how they are able to cope with simple tasks. Often shown as filler with a voice over.

  • Non diagetic sound, slow tempo to evoke emotion.

  • titles during the interviews describing the subject.

  • narration from the presenter or interviewer.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Our final idea is to create a mockumentary. It will contain very similar traits to an ordinary documentary, and be shot in a completelyserious way, however about a completely ridiculous subject. In this case, our film is about a boy with a phobia of hands. Originally we planned on the character having no hands, however we were worried this could cause offence to people with disabilities. Instead we have decided that the character should wear enormous oven mitts/ large gloves. This would mean our film can no longer be seen as offensive, and still maintain a comic outlook.

Scenes we hope to include:

  • Interviews with Simon. these will involve afixed shot, headand shoulders, portraying the character in a relaxed environment; School/home/work etc.

  • following simon as he shows his way through school and his house, using actors as sound men for mise en scene. help make it seem like more of a gorilla film.

  • Showing Simon struggle with day to day tasks, which in the edit will be used as filler, probably voice over used.

  • Interviews with close relations, friends and colleagues of simon. fixed shot with a title labelling the character. These will also be in particular locations linking them to their role, or relation ship with simon.