Friday, 6 May 2011

video blog.

This is the video blog we created, logging our progress and intentions for our final product. We felt this excercise useful as it gave us a sense of our position and we were able to recognise what was necessary to move forward in our research and poduction. Perhaps if we were to repeat this exercise throughout the making of the film, we could create a better idea of our research developing, and gain a better idea of our production methods.

The sometimes poor sound quality and shakey shots may cause viewers to question the overall quality of our piece. However, these moments are in fact typical conventions of a documentary, therefore they are appropriate and effective. Our filming style reinforces the sense of spontaneous movement, complying with the 'fly on the wall' genre we researched.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ancillary Tasks

what have you learnt from your audience feedback?

How Effective is the Combination of Your Main Product and Ancillary Texts?

Our main product and our Ancillary tasks work well together we have had feedback on all aspects from our class, teachers and also other friends. Our main film has worked better than we could have imagined as we were told the humour would be very hard to achieve using the conventions of a documentary. In all the viewings we have sat in on we have received laughs and positive comments. Linking the film with our collection of poster was easy as we used a simple background drawing the audience’s attention to our main character Simon. Using him in multiple funny poses with the vital prop of his oven gloves enabled us to maintain the mise en scene with our film as you are not laughing at his phobia or his problems instead at his beaming smiles or even the ‘serious quotes’ from celebrities. These are all used in a serious way but allow humour as if you take a step back and think of how ridiculous the phobia is then the more serious we make it the funnier it seems. Completing the package is our magazine review again having a piece of serious writing about our piece allows the humour to continue as although the review gives a good detailed analysis of our film it also by talking about it as a serious film again continues our feel of a serious theme about a very humorous topic. The research we did into reviews helped us to realise that pictures were key and our choice of our two pictures were very important. The one we use showing the group of people with social difficulties is subtle but also links into the film by showing one of the funniest parts without giving the reason behind it away therefore enticing a magazine reader to want to watch our film.
All in all I believe our combination of ancillary tasks and our main film work terrifically and the idea that the film is a mockumentary can be felt throughout all of them. The humour in all three of them is not forced and all the conventions and themes needed for them are there though underlying all of this stays our ridiculous phobia which when made to be serious people have found hilarious.